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Our brand

The brand, our values

We were the pioneers in the development of the thermoregulatory fiber, techwarm, which is used as packing in all our jackets.

Today in extreme sports such as in special army units it is also the choice of lining which is favored today. This method allows a better resistance to moisture, with a heat index far superior to down.

It provides extreme resistance to moisture and cold. Our fur has also been specially selected to withstand all weather conditions.



Our brand has slipped from the mountains to the city, first designed for the mountain our parts are also adapted to urban life and temperate climates. Distributed with selected multi-brand, our jackets are broadcast in France, Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavia.

Helvetica is an authentic brand that emphasizes quality workmanship and innovation. Our jackets are manufactured only in plants complying with environmental standards.


Our Jackets

"Contrary to popular belief, a jacket does not have to be thick to be hot, especially if the lining is cotton. It can offer the same thermal qualities with weights and lower thicknesses down if the cotton is of good quality. While avoiding the "Michelin Man effect" that many women reject. However, avoid the many quilting stitching by piercing the material that decreases its heat retention qualities
Helvetica developed a lining which he alone has uses Technology techwarm

Future and brand engagement

We work in a limited fashion production, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the garment. At each stage of the production chain we are present and attentive to respect our charter and our specifications.

Pioneers of the new Helvetica technology developed with a Japanese laboratory an e-warming system, which would choose the precise temperature of your jacket and also to recharge mobile phone (which discharge very quickly in the cold).